Homosexual ‘idol’ bringing disgrace to his community

An interesting article from a writer who’s clearly sympathetic to the gay agenda, but feels a certain ‘American Idol’ who simulates fellatio with other men on national television hurts the image of gay men. From Christopher Muther:

Originally I resisted dipping into the Adam Lambert fracas and the infamous man-on-man kiss – which looked about as passionate and meaningful as a dwarf suckermouth catfish cleaning the insides of an aquarium. Then ABC canceled the singer’s appearances on “Good Morning America,’’ “Jimmy Kimmel Live,’’ and “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.’’ (Today the network will make nice by having him on its gabfest “The View.’’) When CBS blurred the kiss when replaying the clip, while having no problem showing the far more frightening Britney Spears-Madonna MTV Video Music Awards kiss without blurring, I could keep quiet no longer.

Those lodging complaints, investigating complaints, and generally fearing the apocalypse due to a little dance routine are barking up the wrong tree. What’s offensive here isn’t the grinding, the bumping, or even the lip locking, it’s Lambert as a package. In all the hysteria, why has no one stopped to ask why his bad artificial tan is as orange as a supermarket clementine? Where is the voice of reason asking why he’s dyeing his hair the shade of Wayne Newton’s shoe polish. And why has no one contacted the members of Depeche Mode to see how they feel about Lambert thieving their nail polish?

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