New cell phone ‘App’ aids Mexicans illegally crossing into the U.S.


(Dec. 18) — Ricardo Dominguez describes himself an “artivist” — a cross between an artist and activist — and he calls his newest act of civil disobedience a “Transborder Immigrant Tool.”

It’s a cheap Motorola cell phone retrofitted with GPS technology. Dominguez, an associate professor of new media arts at the University of California, San Diego, hopes to get the tool into the hands of people making the treacherous crossing of the U.S.-Mexico border on the so-called Devil’s Highway.

“It’s designed to save lives. It’s not going to promote the crossing or stop the crossing,” says Dominguez, 50, who developed the technology with other researchers at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

“In terms of the civil disobedience we follow, we consider the right of safe passage to be a trans-global right,” he adds. “What happens once an immigrant gets here, that’s a national discussion.”

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