What would happen to Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus if they came along today?

A really interesting ‘what if’ postulated by Ted Twietmeyer:

Everything we know about biblical history after Jesus’ birth could be quite different than it was if Jesus Christ was alive in our era. As we shall see, no wonder he was born when he was.

Two thousand and nine years ago, the couple had to take the manger with the animals for the night. A manger was really a stable, an in-door barnyard and smelled like one. According to scripture, there was no room at the Inn and this was all they could get for the night. Of course it wasn’t snowing in Bethlehem even 2,000 years ago. In fact, the weather was most likely breezy and warm. But they didn’t have to put up with checkpoints, abusive modern soldiers on power trips, mortar shells exploding, rockets blowing up buildings, suicide bombers, hand grenades or machine gun fire.

And especially loud pounding rap music.

Fortunately, Mary’s pelvis was large enough to deliver Jesus the conventional way. Any mother enduring a C-section in Mary’s time would mean certain death. Medical experts 2,000 years ago were quite good at opening up the body, but not good at sewing it back together without problems.

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