Obama attempts to ‘stimulate’ economy have backfired

Writes Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson:

High and/or rising unemployment is always a political liability for a president, and so Barack Obama has taken the offensive in trying to persuade the American people that his team can get Americans back to work.In November, Obama took credit for having created 640,000 jobs. That audacious assertion was less than persuasive, coming as it did near the end of a year during which the number of employed Americans declined by over four million while the unemployment rate rose from eight percent to 10 percent.

Team Obama’s credibility came into question again when alert reporters pointed out an embarrassingly large number of “inaccuracies” in the Obama administration’s claims of jobs “saved” and “created” by the stimulus plan he pushed through Congress last winter. This included isolated stories about things like more than 900 jobs being saved in a Georgia business with only 500 employees. Then it quickly snowballed when researchers examined Obama’s recovery.gov website and tabulated official claims of tens of thousands of phantom jobs in nonexistent congressional districts.

This unseemly episode raised issues of competence and trust in terms of whether Team Obama had what it took to help the unemployment situation (and never mind whether these are the people you want redesigning the country’s healthcare and energy industries). In fact, it proved to be an advantageous diversion for Team Obama, because it deflected attention away from the administration’s actual record of adopting policies that have increased the number of unemployed Americans.

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