One handgun a month law under challenge in New Jersey

From the Essex County Conservative Examiner:

A group of gun clubs, a gun shop, and a gun owner joined in a federal lawsuit against the State of New Jersey to challenge its four-month-old one-handgun-per-month law as unconstitutional. And New Jersey’s largest newspaper, in reporting on the lawsuit, failed to note that a perennial gun-control advocate represents only himself, in that his vaunted “organization” is now a shell that might comprise only one man.The Gloucester County-based Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC), together with a Gloucester County sporting-goods shop and a Morris County gun owner, filed their action against the State in the US District Court for New Jersey, at its Newark courthouse, according to The Star-Ledger (Newark). At issue is a law restricting gun purchases across the State to one handgun per person per month. Outgoing Governor Jon Corzine signed this measure into law in August. (Governor-elect Chris Christie has never been asked to comment on this law.)

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