Store-brand products see great rise in sales

From the Boston Globe:

Over the past six months, Elizabeth O’Herron has banished nearly all brand names from her household.

So long Pampers, Hefty, and Birds Eye. Instead, the pantry is stocked with cheaper imitations of the same goods: Wal-Mart’s diapers, BJ’s garbage bags, and Stop & Shop’s frozen veggies.

“I am not loyal to any grocery store or any brand,’’ said O’Herron, who estimates she saves at least $50 a month by buying generic brands. “I am loyal to savings.’’

A growing number of consumers like O’Herron are ditching their beloved Kellogg’s Raisin Bran and Wonder Bread for less expensive versions without the familiar packaging. Unit sales of private label goods have jumped 8 percent since 2007, while brand names have declined roughly 4 percent, according to Nielsen Co.

Many shoppers are finding that sugar, shredded cheddar, and milk peddled under store labels cost up to 40 percent less and often taste just as good as nationally known brands. Some items are even made by the same manufacturers.

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