Google keeps up the fight against Chinese censorship

From the Wall Street Journal:

DAVOS, Switzerland—Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt defended his company’s recent threat to pull out of China in some of his most extensive comments on the controversial move.

“We like what China is doing in terms of growth…we just don’t like censorship,” Mr. Schmidt said, speaking at the World Economic Forum’s annual summit here. “We hope that will change and we can apply some pressure to make things better for the Chinese people.”

Mr. Schmidt’s comments brought into the open a debate that bubbled up in private conversations at Davos all week—concerns about growing tensions in the relationship between the U.S. and China.

Since Google’s move earlier this month, the governments of both countries have been deadlocked in a war of words. The U.S. has threatened to file a formal complaint against China to press it to investigate Google’s allegations that it had suffered a sweeping cyber attack that originated in China. But the U.S. hasn’t yet followed through on the threat. China has hit back though its state media, which have dismissed the allegations as part of an “ideology war.”

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