Warning signs for conservatives concerning Sen. Scott Brown?

From the Boston Globe:

He said he has started building a staff and has hired a few aides to the late Edward M. Kennedy, including Kennedy’s Boston-based immigration liaison, Emily Winterson, who helps people with their immigration cases.

“It’s huge now, especially with Haiti,’’ Brown said. “It’s the numberone issue that will affect my office, and I have the best person in place to handle it. . . . I almost cried when she said, yes, she’ll stay.’’

“Kennedy had some of the best people in the country,’’ he added. “We’re going to have a constituent office second to none.’’

Brown said he has filled about a quarter of the senatorial staff’s 28 positions in Washington and is fully staffed in Boston with about eight people. He also said he had a recent conversation with Joseph P. Kennedy II, a former congressman and a nephew of the late senator.

Brown declined to predict what his first piece of legislation would be, but said he plans to focus on four areas once in office – military, veterans, education, and disability issues – and will aim to chart a career similiar to that of Senator John McCain, his political role model and the only leader in Washington who agreed to meet with him several months ago.

“When I think of maverick, I think of ‘Top Gun,’ and then I think of him,’’ Brown said. “And how he’s just been, sacrificed so much for our country. Who better as a role model for me?’’

Hiring Kennedy staffers? Proclaiming McCain as his role model? Sen. Brown is going to have to be watched very carefully for his votes on immigration issues. He has talked the talk about wanting to enforce our borders, so fair and open-minded people are going to give him the chance to prove that he will vote against any form of amnesty.

Continue reading Brown to vote ‘how I want to vote’


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