Time for moratorium on immigration

Tom Tancredo:

In his State of the Union speech a few days ago, President Obama said, “Jobs must be our number one focus in 2010.” I agree with that statement. But unfortunately, Obama’s solution will just make things worse and he overlooked a real jobs program that would not cost taxpayers a penny.

Many Democratic strategists and talking heads are saying the party erred by putting health care before the economy. But the real problem is not Obama’s priorities, but that his solution to every problem is more government spending.

Obama first took on jobs by wasting over a trillion dollars in his stimulus package, and then he tried to deal with health care by proposing another trillion-dollar boondoggle. The new jobs bill he outlined in the State of the Union speech was more of the same: spending money we don’t have on public sector jobs in infrastructure, education and energy.

Instead of putting future generations further into debt, we could immediately free up millions of jobs by tackling immigration reform – true immigration reform, not the imposter called amnesty.

Continue reading Ultimate jobs program: Immigration timeout


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