Free online game allows little girls to roleplay as hookers

From World Net Daily:

Young girls aspiring to be fashion queens may find more than they bargain for in a new, free, online game called “My-Minx,” which permits players to role play … as prostitutes.

At, touted by its own header as the “online fashion game for girls and dress-up game for style icons” and the place where “Barbie meets Chanel,” players create an avatar – or online representative – that flirts, shops, develops her career, builds a wardrobe, competes in style shows, and picks up lovers and “clients” at an online cocktail bar.

In addition, girls as young as five or younger – should they have the computer know-how – can immediately trade in online points to “purchase” for their avatar lingerie, nipple tassels, condoms and “antibaby” pills among other choice items on their way to the top of their own fashion empire.

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