October 2012

The year is 2012, and the month is October.  A presidential election is just on the horizon, and a beaten-down, broken America is crying for mercy.  President Barack Hussein Obama had – as of late 2010 – long earned his place as the most hated chief executive in the nation’s storied history.  However, he has also been astonishingly successful and increasingly bold in his agenda of nation-killing.  Meanwhile, the opposition candidate from the GOP is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney , who emerged badly bruised from a historically large Republican field.  Several independent candidates, all of them conservatives & constitutionalists, gain their fair share of ground throughout the summer, but none by themselves are able to shake things up, and all are forced out of the race by early fall due to the events about to transpire.

Backtrack to the final evening of the Democratic National Convention, August 2012.  This would go down in lore as Obama’s “Night of the Long Knives.”  The man’s insatiable ego at its ugliest & at its most naked, Lord Obama tells the adoring crowd:  “If my opponents in this Tea Party movement want me to be Hitler … … well I guess that makes them my Jews!”  Many voices in the mainstream media solemnly, cautiously, & dutifully nod their approval, but a great portion of the country voice their horror at their president’s words.  The rest just bury their heads in the sand and obsesses over Hollywood pop-tarts and such, just as they always do.  The conservative media goes viral like never before … only to be slammed down with an iron fist by Obama’s regime!  The Democrats run Congress, with only razor-thin margins in both chambers following the 2010 mid-terms, and in the first week of September force through a bill – literally in the middle of the night – giving the President power to indefinitely detain any & all American citizens who are dissenters, classifying such persons as ‘seditious.’ All of this is accomplished  without a formal declaration of martial law.  Hundreds of commercial talk radio stations across the country literally disappear or are taken over by radical leftists in a matter of weeks.  Several newspapers and other publications cease to be.  The FCC steps in and unlawfully takes over the Internet by sheer force, resulting the instant silencing of millions of voices.  An arrogant & bold, yet desperate & short-on-time, Barack Hussein Obama eagerly takes advantage, and puts much of his energy into selling the rest of the public on the right-wing being a terrorist threat to (what he defines as) American values.  The demonizing of people with traditional & Christian values reaches an epic peak, and the phony president plays ringleader, throwing all caution to the wind.

Mitt Romney, significantly spooked, remains mostly silent about the most severe of Obama‘s tyrannical and murderous actions, dutifully playing the role of loyal opposition.  He merely recites old slogans and old ideas from the past, never really speaking to the stark realities of the present-day; never striking at the heart of the tryanny.  The Regime takes subtle yet devastating methods to vilify Gov. Romney’s Mormon faith.  Meanwhile, ordinary Americans – most of them not political by nature – are starting to notice that some of their friends & family are missing.  They’re also noticing the increasingly bizarre, thuggish, & violent behavior of the president’s most enthusiastic supporters, and they notice that their president is overtly condoning all of this in true Mao-ist fashion.

It’s now October; the economic roller coaster that has rocked America – going on five years – is about to come off the tracks … in mid-air & upside-down.  People are missing, and their friends & loved ones are only beginning to understand why … and how.  The nation is literally in a state of grief & horror.  Record numbers are homeless, while large numbers of senior citizens are dying unnatural deaths (thanks to the broken medical system) as the number of abortions soar.  A few lucky and brave patriots manage to hide undetected in the shadows, armed to the teeth and waiting for the right moment to strike.  And, speaking of striking: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, & jihadis everywhere are the sharks sensing blood in the water.  Barack Hussein Obama has  quite literally become the king and total despot over these United States, and has now followed his ideological predecessor – Adolf Hitler – into the history books.  National Socialism has become law of the land in the United States of America, but the country stands at the precipice of an utterly fatal collapse.  What happens next?  Who survives?  What will be the nature of our final undoing?  I firmly believe I have a very limited degree of psychic ability … but I cannot see anything – for myself or anybody else – after 2012.  Will this reign of terror that has been unleashed upon us truly be the death of America?  

(All comments – apart from spammers and brain-dead moron trolls – are welcome … Thank you for reading, and God Bless. Copyright 2010, Bay State Conservative News)


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