Landmark FCC ruling a step toward silencing Christians & conservatives

The nitwits on the left see this as a great victory for free speech, even as they proudly crow that an FCC ruling made this week will severely curtail the free speech rights of conservatives & Christians. And coming on the heels of the smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh, among other incidents, this FCC decision is downright chilling. Conservative & Christian media is now in the beginning stages of an earnest, full-on assault on their very existences. With this ruling, the liberal elites now have a way of circumventing the Fairness Doctrine of 1986 that opened the previously closed gates of the media to Christians and conservatives.

First things first: As far as these FM translators go, a lot of these stations serve very necessary purposes. Here in Boston, we don’t really have much in the way of Christian radio. There is one AM station for evangelicals that does a fairly good job, but doesn’t have a great signal and has zero market penetration. Same came be said of the other Christian AM station, which is Catholic and affiliated with EWTN. Both of these stations have only come on the air in the last few years. Even conservative talk radio is somewhat limited here. NPR, sports talk, and the remaining major music stations all have far more listener-ship, and the three conservative-leaning stations (two of which are on AM) are all very flawed. (Boston’s biggest signal, news/talk 1030 AM, does have a host in the evenings who leans to the right, though not very far in that direction.) And a lot of these stations don’t have the best signals, especially at night, so FM repeaters in areas on the fringe of the metro area do serve a useful purpose. There are actually a couple of LPFM (low-power) stations that I can pick up in my particular area from time to time that broadcast Christian programming.

But, now, these LPFM stations will instead be granted, if they are granted at all, only to friends of The Obama Regime; i.e. the ‘progressives’ running ‘community radio.’ Thousands of long-standing applications to provide fringe areas with Christian & conservatives voices have just been thrown away, and now will never see the light of day. This could especially could impact people in isolated rural areas who have a hard time picking up anything on the radio, as the FCC now sees fit to dismiss any Christian/conservative LPFM application that may have served those communities as they see fit. Oh, but to propagandize those ‘who cling to their guns & Bibles’ with Marxist propaganda! Get the point!? People, believe this, the FCC has just taken a major step toward silencing ALL Christian/conservative voices! The attacks on Rush, et al. are the other other major step, with the mainstream media leading the way there.

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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