Japan takes a stand against North Korea’s nuclear aggression

So let’s get this straight: World leaders – including Lord Obama – are in Seoul to discuss nuclear security … and Iran‘s and North Korea‘s nuclear programs are off-limits for discussion? Apparently the South Korean government demanded this concession. What a bunch of wimps! Japan‘s Prime Minister, however, took it upon himself to demand that North Korea exercise restraint during a planned rocket launch next month (ostensibly to carry a weather satellite into orbit.) Well, good on him; sometimes bullies just need to be put into their place. It’s just too bad our president – and the South Koreans – are gutless cowards. Or, for that matter, that China isn’t doing more to keep the North Koreans in check …

ReutersJapan goes off script at nuclear summit to slam North Korea

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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