Semi-Daily Misc. Journal 3-31-2012

Members of the Black Congressional Congress, among others, are using the death of Trayvon Martin to exploit racial conflict. These people don’t have a career without racial strife, so it serves their interests to make sure we are always at each others’ throats. Meanwhile the real problem – that black men between the ages of 16 & 36 are responsible for a third of all crimes in America, in spite of only being at most three percent of the population – will never be addressed. In other words, these people are in search of anything but justice … Typical Obama: Only sticking his nose in when it benefits him & his perverted ideology. Why the silence on two white victims of a black teenager in Florida? … Granted it’s voluntary, but California state schools asking applicants about their sexual orientation seems just a bit too intrusive. Furthermore, how this information will be used (or misused) is a major concern … While the Supreme Court weighs Obamacare, they have shamefully refused to hear a case of a homeschooling family that was threatened by deputies with removal of their children unless social workers were allowed to inspect their home. America is not a safe place of homeschoolers today, and apparently our highest court doesn’t consider that to be a problem … High levels of radiation from the Fukushima disaster are being reported on the U.S. west coast, but officials from both the the American & Japanese governments are doing all they can to cover up the problem. In fact, the State Department recently signed a deal to continue buying seafood from Japan, even though the Japanese do not test seafood for radiation. What does our government know, and why are they covering it up? Are they trying to kill us all? …

Other Headlines of Note:
NBC Los AngelesSeven boys detained in Palmdale, CA, hate crime
Fareed Zakaria, CNNIncarceration nation 
Phylliis SchlaflyUpdate on China’s espionage
Boston HeraldBoston PD ready for Occupy protest
APDemocrats casting Mass. GOP Sen. Scott Brown as ‘big oil’ friend after vote against ending subsidies

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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