Semi-Daily Misc. Journal 4-08-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter! … As if we didn’t have enough economic worries, food prices are at record highs with no relief in sight. I have no doubt Lord & Lady Obama are just delighted with this state of affairs … ‘The Navy SEALs shot Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson shot us in Washington.’ Strong words from Cecil Roberts, the president of the United Mine Workers of America. He is warning that the EPA is out to completely destroy the coal industry in America. When even union types are turning on the Regime, that should be a sign that it’s just about over for them. Unfortunately, due to the Republicans’ stupidity, that is far from being the case, but Obama’s second term is going to be a nightmare for him when it comes to public approval … Rick Santorum appears to be doing some soul searching, and it’s about time. He is taking a five-day break from the campaign trail before preparing for his homestate of Pennsylvania‘s primary that he’s going to lose on April 24. Let’s just hope he gets out after that and his delegates pledge themselves to Newt … It really bothers me whenever corporations cave in to political pressure from Marxist organizations that use racial issues as a weapon against whoever stands in their way. The latest example is Coca Cola dropping sponsorship of the American Legislative Exchange Council – a group which is advocating ‘racist’ voter ID laws across the country – following a smear campaign by the George Soros-backed Color of Change organization. What a bunch of gutless cowards; does a corporation this large really believe that a little controversy is going to dramatically affect their bottom line? Apparently so. What we are witnessing is a systematic effort to silence all conservative voices in America, and spineless Corporate America is going along with it. When is enough going to be enough? When do we finally force the left-wing in America to stop abusing the freedom of speech of others? What’s it going to take for them to finally respect civil liberties and Constitutional law? … The Department of Homeland Security will not racially profile Muslims and they are doing everything they can – under Obama’s direction – to make life in the U.S. easier for illegal aliens, but they sure know how to crack down on Easter eggs. No, I am not making this up: A certain kind of Easter egg produced overseas contains small toys inside of them, which DHS has determined is a danger to small children. Thus, the eggs are banned completely from the U.S. In fact, DHS confiscated over 60,000 of them in 2011 alone! Does it get any stupider? Wait, don’t answer that …

Other Headlines of Note:
Washington ExaminerColleges skimp on science, spend big on diversity
Freedom WorksLouisiana legislators pass historic education reform bills
ReutersPolice gave George Zimmerman voice stress test 
CNNVeteran newsman Mike Wallace dead at 93


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