Semi-Daily Misc. Journal 5-01-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)

True Christians do not believe in bullying of any kind. Indeed, many Christian groups are addressing the issue in compassionate ways (such as in the new film ‘Bully’ that was recently profiled on The 700 Club.) However, many ‘anti-bullying’ advocates on the left are showing themselves to be quite the bullies themselves. ‘Counter-bullies,’ perhaps we could call them. Dan Savage, a homosexual who founded the It Gets Better Project that has attracted loads of media attention and sympathy, is the prime example. Around 100 students walked out of a recent school assembly at which he spoke when he turned the address into a vicious screed against Christianity and Christians. Even some of Savage’s allies are alarmed at his behavior in this setting …

In 2008, it was ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ In 2012, it’s all about moving ‘forward’ for the Obama campaign. A seemingly innocent slogan on the surface, history shows the word ‘forward’ has long been used for a variety of Marxist/socialist publications … Columnist Michael Goodwin declares that Obama is showing desperation with some of his latest tactics. I don’t think he is actually desperate at all, since he knows he has this election in the bag. This is just the kind of lowlife he is, period … The Federal Government has essentially declared they own our bodies and that they alone will decide what we can eat & drink, what medicines we can use, and even if we are allowed to give health advice to others. One man in North Carolina was threatened with four months jail time for running a website for diabetics. It may make us feel all patriotic and good inside to declare America is a free country, but that is clearly not the case anymore. America is now officially living in Marxist nightmare. Oh sure, it’s not as bad as the Soviet Union was. Not yet, but we’re getting there, and it may be too late to undo the damage that has been done …

A routine meeting of the Board of Selectmen in the town of Falmouth on Cape Cod turned into something of a major controversy after the woman leading the meeting refused to allow the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance as is customary. In response, 1,000 citizens turned out to protest, waving American flags and reciting the Pledge in unison … George W. Bush‘s dream of an ‘ownership society’ may be just that: A dream. Home ownership has fallen to its lowest rate since 1997, as foreclosures and other factors continue to ravage the market. Nearly five years now into this Depression, I’m not certain that Democrats and Republicans alike have finally figured out that offering cheap credit to high-risk buyers in order to attract votes will backfire in a major way …

Other Headlines of Note:
The BlazeTeam Obama names and shames eight private citizens for donating to Romney campaign
Boston HeraldElizabeth Warren’s embattled campaign: Cherokee tie found five generations ago


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