Semi-Daily Misc. Journal 5-03-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)

In a year in which even many Democrats seem to be running away from Obama, I don’t know if it speaks worse for Republican Scott Brown or the political culture here in Massachusetts that Brown is actually touting his cooperation with Obama on several key issues in appealing to the Commonwealth’s voters. Between Brown’s consistent sellouts, and his beyond-obnoxious opponent lying about her Cherokee heritage, I am sick to my stomach. I need to move out (again), this state is beyond help … Once again, Mitt Romney has shown that he will only do the right thing out of political convenience, and not out of true conviction. A radical homosexual activist who Romney hired as a foreign policy adviser ‘resigned’ after conservatives balked. Richard Grenell had been previously employed in the Bush 43 administration, and resigned after the administration would not list his partner on U.N. registry lists (whatever those are supposed to be.) Of course, the administration wouldn’t do that because it is prohibited by the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton. Knowing full well that Grenell was a homosexual activist and that this wasn’t going to sit well with the very voters Romney needs to win, why did Romney hire him in the first place? For that matter, why did Bush ever employ him? Anyway, this is another good reason why I am so hesitant to support Romney, as he has shown time and time again that he simply does not respect us and will only show deference to us when his back is against the wall …

The editor of the Virginian-Pilot is firing back at his critics, saying he did not cover up the racially-motivated beating of two of his reporters and only didn’t publish the report because he didn’t want to be accused of ‘playing favorites.’ Ummm, what? This guy is basically saying he was more concerned with his image, and yet at the same time says he wasn’t covering anything up? Meanwhile, the Norfolk PD continues to stonewall, saying they have no evidence the attacks were anything but simple assaults even though any idiot can see they were clearly hate crimes … A black teenager in Rochester, NY, is practically forced out of school after incurring the wrath of (all or mostly white) teachers by correctly pointing out the parallels between them and the Southern plantation slave-masters which Frederick Douglass wrote about. (Her assignment was to write an essay on one of Douglass’ famous works.) Why isn’t Mr. Obama coming to her rescue, the way he so ‘valiantly’ did for Trayvon Martin, who has yet to be dis-proven as having been anything other than a common street thug? The young lady, however, was honored by none other than the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York. Good on them! … This is truly a must-see: Public school textbooks – in America – are whitewashing the events of 9/11, and whitewashing Islam in general. Maybe this is a slight stretch, but imagine school children in Israel being taught that the Nazis weren’t so bad. Or black kids in this country being told that slave-masters were benevolent, kindly characters. It wouldn’t happen! America and Americans were victims of radical Islam on 9/11 and afterward, as surely as European Jews were victims of the Nazis (granted, not to the same horrific extent, at least not yet.) We may be the single stupidest society in history; at least the ‘politically correct’ portion of our society, who sadly happens to be in control of our schools and most other institutions of power …

Perhaps it’s time for a Christian alternative to YouTube (if one doesn’t already exist that I don’t know about.) A popular pastor had his page pulled under very suspicious circumstances. YouTube has some explaining to do … No joke, FEMA is coordinating with Waffle House in the event of major emergencies! Little good that does us should a disaster strike here in the Northeast, as Waffle House refuses to operate in this region of the country …

Other Headlines of Note:
Anthony MartinMurder of Mexican lawyer with Fast and Furious gun regains spotlight
Boston GlobeU.S. babies fare poorly on preterm births, heart screenings, and obesity
National GeographicCivil War re-envisioned


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