NEWS TICKER 5-10-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)

Junk food has been banned in all Massachusetts public schools by the Commonwealth’s Department of Public Health and Education. The ban extends just beyond vending machines: Schools are no longer allowed to hold bake sales, or serve treats at holiday parties. The department is looking to extend the ban to include evening and weekend events, such as football games. When are parents going to finally stand up and demand that they, and they alone, will determine what their children eat, not busy-body bureaucrats? … Know your enemy: Some are stupid, but some are just plain old Satanic. The two lefts … Another RINO bites the dust: The man Obama called his favorite Senator, Dick Lugar, was defeated in Indiana’s Republican primary on Tuesday night … Is there anything more pathetic than a president who routinely threatens the elderly in order to get his way? … Gallup state-by-state approval numbers suggest Obama has a lot of vote rigging to do if he’s going to hang on to his job … Obama is having himself one awful week. He’s been forced by his radical base to reverse his opinion of same sex marriage, was nearly defeated by a prison inmate in West Virginia‘s Democratic primary, and is trailing Romney in several national polls. Furthermore, there is now an effort afoot to move the Democratic Convention out of North Carolina after that state’s voters rejected same sex marriage on Tuesday …

The birthplace of Jesus is no longer safe for Christians. Thousands are leaving the city of Bethlehem as persecution by radical Muslims has taken its toll …

Other Headlines of Note:
The Ulsterman ReportBarack Obama: The worst economic record of any modern era president
The BlazePresident Obama is already fundraising using his marriage flip flop
Pamela GellerArab Americans stand up for honor killing
Yahoo! NewsBar bouncers requesting ID … and a Facebook profile?
Pat BuchananIs this the end of ‘one Europe?’
CBN NewsCalifornia could ban gay teen ‘conversion therapy’
APJustice Dept. says they plan to sue Arizona sheriff Arpaio over alleged racial profiling


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