Semi-Daily Misc. Journal 5-15-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)
Never was there a classier Major League manager, and there is no classier organization in the game than the St. Louis Cardinals. And Friday evening’s ceremony to retire Tony LaRussa‘s number 10 was all class. An all-star cast – legends in their own right – was on hand to show their respect. It was a very special moment, and I feel privileged as a baseball fan to have witnessed the Cardinals’ 2011 post-season run: One of the most inspiring sports stories ever and one ultimately made possible by the leadership of Tony LaRussa …
None other Obama’s former physician – a self-described liberal – is coming out and predicting that Obamacare will ultimately prove to be a disaster. Furthermore, he offers some personal insights, saying the president lacks passion, feeling, and humanity! No mincing words there … The cover story of the latest Newsweek Magazine has liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan breathlessly declaring Obama the first ‘gay’ president. So much firsts with this president: First black president, first ‘gay’ president, first Communist president (okay, that one may be debatable; not that he isn’t a Communist, of course, but if he’s the first one), and so on … Some early evidence that Obama’s conversion may cause some religious blacks to stay home on Election Day … In a state with a long history of corrupt politicians, Gov. Deval Patrick is really making a name for himself in his second term. Between warning police not to enforce immigration law, covering for his buddies who get into hot water, and cracking down on school bake sales, it seems that Gov. Patrick is concerned with anybody & everybody except for law-abiding citizens. If one wants a small sample of what to expect in Obama’s second term, one need not look any further than Massachusetts to how Obama’s ‘mini-me’ is running things …
Ron Paul is not dropping out but is not going to compete anymore. Or something like that. Whatever, can we stop hearing about him now? Please? … Want to display the Ten Commandments on school grounds? A judge in Virginia has seriously suggested one school district display the Six Commandments instead, just simply cutting out the first four commandments since they are ‘religious’ in nature while the rest are more ‘secular.’ I cannot even wrap my mind over what an idiotic suggestion this is …
Hamilton and the towns that surround it are easily the most pleasant & beautiful areas in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and in all of America. My maternal grandmother, who died many years ago, lived right nearby. I have nothing but pleasant memories of the times I spent there. Whenever I get around there these days (which isn’t very often), the first thing I notice is that none of the laconic & historic charm of the area has changed all this time later.The North Shore is a slice of Heaven of earth (at least once you get north of Lynn), and I have to believe the legendary Gen. George S. Patton realized this. Which is why he made Hamilton hometown. And now the last remaining heir to his estate is donating it to the town. Hopefully to be forever preserved as a memorial to one of the greatest Americans of all …
FINALLY, A RANT – I was visiting with my brother, and he had on that horrible show Family Guy. I believe I have just witnessed the single lamest, most pathetic episode of any television program I have ever had the misfortune of watching. ‘Quahog’ has its city government dismantled after Tea Party protests, led by the retarded fat guy, of course. Somehow, magically, they’re also apparently free of the state & federal governments. And, of course, it all goes horribly wrong and the fat retarded guy then makes it all right again by making a speech on the steps of City Hall. If this show is supposed to be some sort of satire, then they fail miserably. True satire is based in reality. Here, Tea Partiers were made out to be anarchists, with no sense of irony present at all. It wasn’t clever, but it was horribly obscene. It was a gross abuse of the freedoms of speech & expression, and, obviously, a severe affront to all that is Godly.
I have to believe this Family Guy has run its course and ought to be canceled sometime soon. A quick look at its Wikipedia entry tells me it began airing in 1999. Good grief, is anything that was ‘cool’ in 1999 ‘cool’ in 2012? This is perverted filth, and it’s not even intelligent perverted filth. Perhaps it’s even more sinister than that: Being a cartoon, children are naturally drawn to programs like these. I am fairly certain I saw each & every one of the Ten Commandments being violated during the course of the broadcast. Would it be out of bounds to suggest that parents who allow their kids to watch this show ought to be cited for child abuse?
In closing, I wish I could propose a boycott movement. But they don’t work. They just don’t. If they did, none of this filth that has darkened the airwaves in the last ten to fifteen years would have ever made it air in the first place. Christian & conservative groups that began seriously fighting the ‘culture wars’ in the 1980s lost that battle by the Clinton years. NOT, mind you, ‘the war,’ but this battle of keeping God-less smut & violence off the airwaves is lost. And very few people seem to care anymore. Those of us who do care need to start praying harder & harder. That’s the only solution I can even fathom to come up with now.
Other Headlines of Note:
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