Weekly Wrap-Up 6-04-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)

What was already one of the great injustices in modern American legal history has just gotten worse. George Zimmerman has been ordered back to jail as he awaits trial, accused of lying about his finances. Well, perhaps Zimmerman did lie, although I seriously doubt it. More than likely, it is a misunderstanding that this (likely paid-off) judge is using to turn the screws on Zimmerman. All this proves is that various powers-that-be are hellbent on destroying this man. I honestly believe we are witness to a massive, well-coordinated propaganda campaign, one whose function serves to forever delegitimize anyone who is a victim of black violence. I’ve said it before over the last few months, I now firmly believe the Obama Regime and its allies are trying to create a racial war in this country, with the Establishment backing racist & violent blacks and doing all they can to divide everyone else. George Zimmerman just happened to come along at the ‘right’ time and was determined to be the perfect ‘boogey-man’ for the Establishment’s nefarious purposes. The insane lengths which the Establishment is going to turn a man who thought he was protecting his community into a monster is proof in and of itself. Meanwhile, the thug Trayvon Martin continues to be mourned over as if he were a Saint (and that’s not an exaggeration of what’s happening here), despite all the evidence that has come out showing that he was anything but a saint …

Chinese investors are buying up American banks, manufacturers, tech firms, entertainment companies, and much more at an alarming rate. Americans are literally losing control of their own country to a foreign power. We are being colonized, not by force but by stealth. Our economy may benefit in the very short term (and even then, only a select few really see the benefits), but in the long term this is a killer for both the economy (as more jobs continue to be outsourced) and our sovereignty … We’ve been hearing a lot about the economic turmoil in Greece, but not much on how exactly it is affecting ordinary people. This article gives some insight into the human element of the crisis … Major kudos to the 700 Club for featuring the government’s ‘100 watt’ power grab in outlawing traditional incandescent light bulbs …

Another sign we are becoming more like China: Sex-selective abortions are being performed in America by Planned Parenthood, as discovered by an undercover video … Does the government want Facebook to fail, thus taking them out via a ‘bailout’ (a la General Motors, Fannie, Freddie, etc.) in order to silence free speech on the Internet? A very interesting, and I believe plausible, theory from Glenn Beck … Beck’s website – normally anti-establishment – takes a decidedly skeptical tone when it comes to reporting on Alex Jones‘ claim that attendees at the Bilderberg Conference are eating dead human babies. Well, I know Alex Jones gets carried away far too often, but why should I or any clear-thinking, decent person put it past these criminal, deranged elitists to engage in cannibalism? Glenn Beck really ought to know better, and he shouldn’t be using the horrific murders of little babies as a mere prop to one-up a media rival of his …

Boston has long had a very influential, independently-owned, ‘alternative’ rock station in 101.7 WFNX. This never-ending recession – combined with minuscule ratings & a lack of advertising dollars – has led the station’s owner to sell to Clear Channel. FNX will soon be gone, replaced with a new format that is yet to be determined (rumored to be one of three things: a Spanish format, Country, or a simulcast of the conservative talk station at 1200 AM.) While I was never a huge fan of WFNX or much of what is considered to fall under the ‘alternative’ umbrella (a meaningless name for a genre if one ever existed), it is sad for me to see this station and the creativity it represented go. Terrestrial radio has become so bland & uncreative since the deregulation of 1996 that allowed the industry to become the almost-exclusive domain of just a small handful of mega-conglomerates. I’m all for the free market, but this isn’t it. Corporate monopolies lead to the same ends as complete government ownership of industry (Communism): Either way, there is no competition and no say for the average person. Scan over some of the comments left in the link to get an idea of just how important WFNX was to many people. Very few radio stations can say they’ve made such an impact in their listeners’ lives … On a somewhat similar note, CBS head honcho Les Moonves is making the claim that skipping over commericals during playback of recorded television shows is ‘illegal’

One of the greatest and most under-appreciated athletes of our time announced his retirement on Thursday. Nicklas Lidstrom was easily the NHL’s most talented and productive defenseman of the past 20 years (and maybe ever), but it was his character and the way he handled himself that made him really stand out. In so many ways, he was the antithesis of the modern-day athlete: Quiet, humble, and gracious where so many are loud, arrogant, and anything but gracious. In short, he was everything a role model and a leader should be. Us Red Wings fans will never be able to thank him enough for everything he has done for us … Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas has confirmed that he will be taking the 2012-13 NHL season off. Frankly, it’s hard to blame him after the way the media in this city trashed him after he refused to visit the White House with the team (some might argue the team itself and some of the fans piled on.) Whatever the case, the Bruins are going to miss him, whether they know it or not …

Other Headlines of Note:
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New York PostDC Comics’ Green Lantern relaunched as gay superhero
Mitch AlbomSave the questions for humans, not your phone
Boston GlobeWhat happened to Boston’s rock radio?
BuzzFeed19 things that will drive your OCD self crazy


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