Weekly Wrap-Up 7-13-2012

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)

It’s garbage like this story that is making me hate living in this country as we now know it. Christians are officially and legally being persecuted in this once-free land. America at it once was is finished, and even getting rid of Obama won’t bring it back to life! I will continue to fight for liberty and continue to point out all the wrongs in our society, if only to be a spiteful ass toward the real asses who destroyed this land (and because I feel as it is my God-given duty.) But, I refuse to pretend any longer that any of it is going to make a real difference. If Americans are to reclaim their liberty, then they need to change. Instead, we have a society that is becoming more materialistic, more atheistic, and more ignorant by the day. It’s not just the politicians that brought our nation to its knees, it’s the ordinary rubes who sat with their thumbs up their asses while the politicians lied, cheated, stole, and murdered. If America is ever to rise again, it will be the greatest miracle ever. But, think about it, is God really going to reward such a sinful nation as ours? …

Yet more proof that Obama is a born-and-bred Communist … The Regime is abusing its own rules in order to allow more illegals to stay in the country … The head of ICE has requested that AG Eric Holder take legal action against Obama’s own Cook County, IL (a ‘sanctuary’ county) for not enforcing deportations of violent illegals. I’ll believe it when I see it … Interesting that a 15-year-old living in Hawaii in the late-70s was able to obtain a Social Security Number in Connecticut. A private investigator in Ohio has filed suit to remove Obama from the ballot in that state until Obama can prove he has a valid SSN … Yet another slap in the face to the Israelis by Obama: Egypt’s newly elected Islamist president has been invited to visit the White House in September … Talk about a ‘war on women’: A helpful reminder of what the Taliban – Obama’s ‘peace partners’ in Afghanistan – are really about … Coming soon to the U.S. under Obamacare: Hospitals in the UK are depriving elderly patients of food & water as a cost-cutting measure … Expect to see many – perhaps even most – companies drop employee health care coverage in the wake of the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare … Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell puts the odds of Republicans regaining control of the body at 50-50 … Solar storms, if severe enough, have the potential to shut down power grids and disable satellites, seriously affecting all humans on earth. So, isn’t it a relief to know that the major government agencies responsible for tracking these things – NOAA and NASA – are completely coordinated and ready to handle such a disaster. Oh, wait … 

Just another day in Massachusetts politics: State representative charged with domestic kidnapping, assault … Meanwhile, Gov. Deval Patrick has vetoed legislation that would ban the use of EBT Cards (a/k/a food stamps) for, among other things, pornography and tattoos, saying it would be ‘impossible’ to enforce. This would normally be where I express my embarrassment in living in Massachusetts, but I know this kind of non-sense is happening all over the country … Down in Georgia, a ‘code compliance officer’ has been placed on ‘administrative leave’ (but somehow will not face criminal charges) after unlawfully entering a woman’s home to tell her to cut her grass. The fat piece of garbage should have been fatally shot, and no municipality anywhere should have any say over how a private citizen maintains their private property. This is exactly what happens when do-gooders are not held in check and every aspect of our lives becomes regulated: People’s God-given rights are trampled on. But, hey, more important that the busy-body on the corner not have to suffer the indignity of looking at the neighbor’s overgrown lawn …

This is disgusting beyond belief. For quite some time after the Sandusky scandal broke, I defended Joe Paterno. I simply didn’t see enough concrete evidence that he willfully covered anything up. No longer, though, will I defend that man. Shut the whole damn university down for good, and throw each one of the bastards in prison alongside Sandusky. There must be something in the water in State College, for that many people to have known or suspected an elite member of their community was engaging in the homosexual rape of children and not have done anything. Saying ‘shame on the entire Penn State community’ is not nearly strong enough of a condemnation. And they’re still trying to cover up their shame!

Indeed it is an outrage that this year’s U.S. Olympic team uniforms are being made in China. Republicans and Democrats in Congress are in unanimous agreement, and designer Ralph Lauren seems to have gotten the message: The 2014 Olympic uniforms will be made in America. My question is, how come members of Congress don’t express the same anger over the fact that most of every piece of clothing sold today is manufactured in China or elsewhere overseas? Why don’t they look in the mirror, and realize they are in large part responsible: Whether it is approving one job-killing ‘free trade’ agreement after another, or the endless regulations that stifle corporations’ ability to do business in the United States? How much have members of either party done in earnest to restore our battered manufacturing base? Yes, all Americans need to be angry about the Olympic team uniforms, but coming from members of Congress it’s all a bunch of hot air …

The Episcopal Church – America’s branch of the Church of England – has completely given itself over to an extreme, left-wing, Christ-denying agenda. It’s latest general convention has approved, among other things, transgendered ministers, a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, rites for pet funerals (I actually don’t have a problem with this one, but some apparently do), and calling for the halting of detaining anyone who is in country illegally. I was baptized as an Episcopalian shortly after birth, and was one of the scant few Protestants in my overwhelmingly Catholic hometown (although it should be noted that the Episcopal Church is historically closely related to Catholicism, though the two churches seem to be going in very different directions these days.) I might as well be a practicing Satanist than be an Episcopalian today, for both are leading their followers down the same path …

Other Headlines of Note:
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CNS NewsCondoleezza Rice: ‘Perhaps we will decide there needs to be’ same-sex civil unions
World Net DailyObama told to back off on United Nations gun treaty
Chris Mitchell, CBN NewsKindergarten: Gaza style
Financial TimesFood crisis fears as U.S. corn soars
Howie CarrEnd of the road: It’s time to send Tim Murray packing, Deval
Howie CarrThey don’t make ’em like Capone anymore
Fox NewsState says it was a ‘mistake’ to ban American flags at public housing complex
New York TimesFreeh’s findings stun even Paterno’s ardent supporters
APLegal experts say Paterno could have faced charges
St. Louis Post-DispatchBye-bye Tony La Russa? Maybe, maybe not

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