Semi-Daily Misc. Journal 7-16-2012

Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno

I scoffed at Dan Shaughnessy when he wrote that Penn State University should have canceled the remainder of the 2011 season in the immediate wake of the revelations concerning Jerry Sandusky. With the Freeh Report and its concrete evidence that Joe Paterno and other top-ranking officials willfully covered for Sandusky, however, I now join Shaughnessy in calling for Penn State to drop its football program indefinitely – perhaps even for good. Fact is, they are forever stained by this, and will never be a major football power ever again. So, what’s the point of even continuing on? A case could even be made that the entire university ought to be closed. The price must be paid for the horrific evil that was perpetuated by these individuals. The late Paterno – a man I once respected, so I take no joy in saying this – is almost certainly meeting his ‘reward’ in the fires of Hell, and Sandusky will join him there one day, but justice must also be done now in this world … Penn State officials are saying they have no intention of tearing down Paterno’s statue at this time, basically coming right out and saying they’re waiting for everything to blow over. But, will it ever blow over? Students and alumni are outright saying there will be massive riots in Happy Valley should the Paterno statue come down. If the school is unwilling to do that much, then one has to conclude that shutting down the football program for an indefinite time is not even on the radar. The NCAA would probably have to step in, and that appears to be unlikely from what I have seen and read. So, football will likely remain at Penn State … As I have stated previously in the past couple of days, I defended Paterno in the immediate aftermath of the scandal, but can no longer do so with the revelations contained in the Freeh Report. In other words, I had to eat crow and admit I was wrong. So, I must commend ESPN writer Rick Reilly for this powerful piece where he, too, confesses that he was spellbound by the Cult of Paterno. Most interesting is Reilly’s recounting of an anonymous Penn State professor who tried to warn him about Paterno’s all-out dedication to winning at all costs. And that was way back in 1986, the same year that Paterno won his second of two national championships and was at the absolute height of his power … Another shocking twist in this sordid story: Jerry Sandusky may have been providing children for a child sex ring of powerful alumni … Penn State University’s very existence may be in jeopardy, via the Department of Education. Due to what were very clear violations of the Clery Act (requiring all schools receiving federal aid to report crimes committed on or near campus), the school may lose its accreditation and students may lose access to student loans. One can only imagine what kind of permanent damage such sanctions would do to the school …

Water bottles, large sodas, leaf blowers, public profanity, unleashed cats, and even, in one community, American flags. The big government-loving residents of Massachusetts have gone crazy in banning or attempting to ban anything & everything that ‘offends’ them … A city that time forgot: The photographs here of blighted Camden, NJ, are truly shocking and must be seen to be believed. Like something out of the Third World. Massachusetts has its fair share of problem communities, but I can’t think of one community in this state that can compare to the devastation seen in Camden … How many of us can honestly say we would accept a job as a police officer at just minimum wage pay? I certainly wouldn’t, but that is exactly what the police officers and other city officials of Scranton, PA, are now being paid. Even the mayor is earning just $7.25 an hour. It is estimated that the city has a mere $5,000 or less in its coffers, and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight … In Marylandmunicipalities across the state are erecting false school zones in order to entrap motorists committing the most minor of infractions. But 67 percent of fatal automobile accidents involving school kids are caused by school bus drivers. What’s wrong with this picture? …

Prayers urgently needed: Family fears for Boston pastor abducted in Egypt … Obama is so extreme in his ‘pro-choice’ position on abortion that he opposed reforms that even NARAL did not dare oppose. In less than four years, he has massively increased the size of our federal deficit, burdening future generations with the costs. He has fostered a culture of cradle-to-grave dependence on government, an almost-certain guarantee of personal failure. In short, Obama has declared war on our children … One really has to be concerned about Mitt Romney‘s inability to make any headway in the polls in some key battleground states: While he appears to have slight leads in North Carolina & Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin are all leaning toward Obama at this time. More than enough to re-elect the SOB … Alleged comedian George Lopez is making headlines for unleashing a flurry on f-bombs on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He must have been as drunk as I was last night to have made such a fool of himself. Either way, Sheriff Joe deserves more respect than that. After all, he’s just enforcing federal laws that the Feds refuse to enforce themselves …

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(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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