Legends in their own minds

You may be from Boston if you believe the J. Geils Band are rock n’ roll legends on par with the Beatles or the Stones, instead of being the unremarkable, mediocre, second-tier band they actually were. Locally, the band has from almost its beginning been right up there with Aerosmith and The Cars in mass popularity. Nationally, however, the group had just one hit record in the early ’80s, and nothing else. Back in another lifetime, I used to work at a record store, and my snobby co-workers would speak of J. Geils (or, more accurately, singer Peter Wolf) in the most reverent of terms. It was really quite nauseating. One day, for absolutely no reason whatsoever (I remember quite clearly there wasn’t any record promotion or anything going on), Peter Wolf came by the store and hung out in the backroom for over an hour while my co-workers drooled over him like he was the Second Coming of Christ. No hyperbole there. In reality, Wolf was just some aging hipster doofus. It was, in retrospect, a bit sad. More to the point, his presence was rather annoying to me, as my job required me to be stationed in that backroom (I was the shipping/receiving guy.) There wasn’t much space back there, and I had very little tolerance for those fools hanging all around me while I was trying to work. But, wild horses couldn’t have dragged them out of there that day …

Anyway, I mention all of this because now Wolf and a few of his bandmates are suing guitarist and band namesake John Geils. Geils apparently made it known that he was tired of playing the old songs and didn’t want to tour anymore. In response,  Wolf is now trying to take Geils’ very name (or his stage name, at least) away from him. What an incredibly classless, sleazy human being. You’re way, way past your time, Peter Wolf. Just retire already, and go snort your lines of cocaine with your hipster acolytes until you all drop dead. And, while I say ‘drop dead’ in jest, I’m not kidding about the cocaine: It went around that place and among those people like candy, and I even got caught up in it for a period of time. But, I digress …

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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