The greatest depression this country will ever know

The costs of all this big government are driving us into what will be the Greatest Depression this country has ever known, putting the Great Depression of the ’30s to shame. And it’s really not hard to figure out why this depression will be especially severe: America did not have anything close to the financial liabilities in the ’30s that it does now. Nor anywhere near the social problems. No doubt we need to get Obama out of office, but in no way could we expect a President Romney to solve this crisis. Especially when he appears to be, along with most everyone else (including the public), so unwilling or unable (and there’s only so much authority a president has over the economy) to do what it takes to get us back on the road to solvency. Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plans are a nice start, but he’s only going to be the VP if elected, and it’s just a drop in the bucket. While acknowledging that it is a financial burden, I do take some issue with the author’s views on disability. Those on disability PAID into the system: It is NOT an entitlement. But I digress: America is screwed, because no politician on either side of the aisle has the fortitude to do what it takes to reform the system before it is too late (and it may already be too late) …

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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