IF (or when) Obama wins: A plea to my fellow conservatives

Feel like I have to keep repeating this over and over: Less than two months out now, and we had damn well better start preparing – to whatever extent even possible – for the real possibility that Obama is re-elected! I’ll keep supporting Mitt Romney, but do you, dear reader, really want me to be honest about his chances of victory? Very slim. And when/if he does lose, he’ll have himself to blame in great part. The gloves need to start coming off, for real, Mitt! Unless the general public is made to understand, in very short order, that Obama isn’t just an ineffective leader, but that he is EVIL, then Obama will be re-elected. Period. Talk about Carter vs. Reagan in 1980, or 1992 with Clinton all you want, those were different situations. And Mitt Romney does not have the charisma or the ability to inspire people (right or wrong) that Reagan and Clinton did. Furthermore, Obama’s presidency is completely unprecedented on so many levels (not just because of his skin color) that comparing him to any of his predecessors is a useless task. Anyway, let me wrap this up by saying I really and truly believe we do not have very much time left before the country completely collapses. A lot of us are going to die over the next year, and many more will be left without homes, family, and any hope. God is abandoning the people of this country en masse, and we do deserve it. Optimism is all well and good, but it’s not going to save us from the bottom of the abyss America is plunging toward …

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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