About Mitt’s 47% will never vote for him comment …

Many of you are nobly trying to defend him on this point, but Mitt Romney really stepped in it with his comment about the 47%. First of all, it is asinine of him to assume that everyone who receives a form of government assistance is going to vote for Obama. Secondly, and I don’t usually reveal this kind of information, but I receive disability. Why and how is nobody’s business. I’m fed-up with people saying disability is an ‘entitlement.’ NO, I and others paid into that system when we were working, and the money belongs to us. It is not welfare, and many people (on our side) need to learn the difference. Unfortunately, there are people on our side who are just as eager to play class warfare as those on the left. But, I highly suspect most Americans hear talk like this coming from Mitt Romney – whatever truth there is to it – and are turned off. There’s a reason why Social Security is the ‘third rail’ of American politics, and Romney is about to learn that the hard way. Just political reality, folks. And what does that mean? Four more years of Obama. Damnit, I hate having to support this man …

(NOTE: This posting originally appeared in the now-defunct Last Days Bulletin blog. It is Copyright 2012, Bay State Conservative News. Follow me on Twitter – @Sunking278)


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