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SCOTT BROWN: NOT OUR BURDEN TO BEAR ANYMORE? GOOD RIDDANCE THEN! Our erstwhile U.S. Senator is now openly contemplating moving to New Hampshire and attempting to return to Capitol Hill by running there. Let him go! He failed Massachusetts, and he failed the people of America by bowing down to Obama and the Democrats one time too many. The absolute breaking point, for me, was his constant pandering to Democratic voters during last fall’s campaign – with the kicker being him proudly touting his support of Planned Parenthood in campaign ads. In the end, Scott Brown was nothing more than a vapid fairy tale for conservatives and others of relative common sense in the Commonwealth & elsewhere. Remember, Fox News has this cretin now, and the national GOP is attempting to keep his star alive. Do not be fooled: This RINO pretty boy is a massive fraud, and I feel zero remorse in witnessing his slow-and-steady demise.

Long-time Boston Mayor Tom Menino will not be seeking a sixth term. I will neither celebrate his exit nor miss him when he’s gone. Granted, I don’t live in the city limits of Boston, but close enough. The only real surprise is that he knew when to walk away, as many were seriously starting to believe the man was going to die in office. There were many moments when he made an extreme fool of himself, but there were also times when he displayed strong leadership qualities. He didn’t have to put on an act to come across as a man of the people, given his modest, blue-collar roots, and this served him extremely well with the voters through the years, even as he routinely mangled the names of the local sports heroes. Nobody, not even those of us who oppose Democrats in general and those who loved to make fun of the mayor’s unique speech patterns, ever accused Tom Menino of not loving the city of Boston with all his heart. While a Democrat and a nanny-stater, he almost never came across as overbearing and as ideologically-driven as the likes of Bloomberg in New York or Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel (though he did vow to keep Chick-fil-A out of the city in what was clearly a publicity stunt on the mayor’ part, and it should be noted the chain has not opened a store in the city to date.) All politics aside, Tom Menino never failed to keep the city up-and-running, and a fairly safe and prosperous place to live, which is a lot more than can be said for quite a number of urban areas in this country today.

After flirting with the idea of picking up a Democratic ballot in the upcoming U.S. Senate primary, with the sole propose of defeating Ed Markey, I have decided that Republican Mike Sullivan is a good-enough candidate and he has my vote.


Power: Whether we consciously realize it or not, it is the key to all human interactions. Everybody wants power over everybody else, to one extent or another, even within the course of the strongest of relationships. This simple fact alone explains the existence of busy-bodies and tyrants in our world. Subconsciously, I have always realized this, but never fully articulated it in my mind. Had I been able to do so all those years ago, I would have been a lot wiser to certain peoples’ true intentions and those certain people would have been put in their place. As someone who demands to be left alone and demands the freedom to be myself – in other words, someone is who fiercely independent – I’ve often have had a hard time reconciling myself to the whims of other people. And, yet, I’ve also found myself feeling urges to control certain others, mainly those who I despise (and they are many.) Everything changes over time, except for one thing: Basic human emotions & nature. This would, perhaps, be a better world if everybody stop trying to enforce their will on others. It would be a better world if human beings woke up and realized just how screwed up they all truly are, and then attempted to adjust themselves accordingly. It’s just not going to happen, though, not as long as humans inhabit the earth. Yet another great reason to look forward to the day when Jesus returns and we (or some of us) leave this rotten world behind for a better place. Please, read this deceptively brilliant article, one of the greatest I’ve ever read concerning human beings and their odd ways. –


Perhaps I’m the only one, but I am getting to sick to death of clicking on a news article and then discovering it’s not an actual written article at all, but a video news story. Noticing a lot more of this sort of thing from major news organizations. It is probably slightly premature to declare print journalism to be outright endangered, but there is reason for concern. Call me crazy, I still like to read, and I don’t like always being bombarded with sight & sound. Too many people nowadays, though, just want everything in soundbites & snippets, and don’t want to exert even the smallest amount of effort to keep themselves informed and intelligent. Expect the MSM to continue moving away from the written word, as newspapers die, society becomes even more illiterate, and the overall character & morals of our citizens continue to erode.

I believe I have figured out the real reason why so many leftists are committed to the myth of ‘man-made global warming.’ The history of the earth has seen many dramatic climatic shifts over the ages. It is just the nature order, and certain periods are warmer or colder than others. Human beings as constituted today would not have been able to survive in the earth of the time of the dinosaurs, due to a variety of factors. It is all natural and in God’s plan. Leftists can never bring themselves to admit there is a God. There’s the key. So, seeing that there are some earth changes afoot, they must hold fast and firm to the belief that man is the cause of all these changes. And, whereas they are Fascists who want complete control over all humanity, it all fits neatly into the plan for global governance, the one world order that will birth the Antichrist. Simply nothing but the end of the world itself will ever stop Al Gore and all of his acolytes from maintaining the ‘man-made’ myth.

Pope Francis, while still a Cardinal, apparently came out in support of civil unions for same-sex couples in 2010, while remaining steadfastly against same-sex marriage. Not that my opinion really matters, not being a Catholic, but I can’t think of any good reason why any two people shouldn’t be allowed to enter into a legal contract – essentially what a civil union is. A perfectly reasonable compromise for all sides. Of course, there’s always that slippery slope, and radicalized homosexuals – of which there are many – continue to demand not just equal rights, but special rights. The madness will never end, but a line in the sand has to be drawn somewhere. Allowing civil unions, and standing firm on that, gives them an inch without allowing them to take a mile. 


Marijuana legalization efforts have really gained some steam in the last few years, and now efforts are afoot in certain states, facing budget woes, to legalize and tax the substance. Opinions vary on whether this would be of actual financial benefit to the states, with even some legalization-advocates expressing skepticism.  But, heck, government has no natural authority to tell human beings what they can and cannot put in their own bodies, providing they are doing no harm to others. Better to tax weed and let grown-ups be grown-ups than another rise in property taxes, or sales taxes, or whatever. It’s worth a try.,0,2533952.story

Argued with an anti-smoking zealot on Twitter. Talking about cigarette smoking here, just in case there is any confusion. Anyway, he or she tries to refute my argument for personal responsibility with the claim that smoking-related illnesses cost the Commonwealth over $4 billion per year. Well, I don’t care. Lots of bad things are costing society money, it doesn’t mean we can or should be banning all of them. A real slippery slope. So, I will say it as loud and as many times as need be to all these nanny-staters out there: Stay out of our lives, stop treating us like children, for it is not yours or the government’s place to regulate what citizens knowingly and willingly put into their own bodies! (And, yes, if anybody is wondering, that includes illicit drugs. An adult who chooses on their own accord to blow their brains out with cocaine, heroin, whatever, then be my guest, it’s their life and not my problem. Distribution of illicit drugs is another story, of course, but nicotine is NOT an illicit drug in the minds of anyone but these zealots.) Keep going down this road, we’ll be nothing more than a nation of complete idiots incapable of making even one solitary decision for ourselves. We’re already about 75% or so of the way there as is!

The New York Times reports that there are concerns about ADHD being over-diagnosed in otherwise healthy children, with the American Psychiatric Association about to expand the definition of the disorder even further to allow more kids to be put on Ritalin, Adderall, etc. Eleven percent of U.S. children are said to have been diagnosed with ADHD. My first instinct was to say, ‘only 11%!?’ Have you seen how these little brats act nowadays? Of course, what is really happening is that the ‘cure’ – those aforementioned drugs – is actually poison, and our kids are being doped up and having their brains destroyed by design. Unfortunately, most of their parents are too doped up themselves to wake up and smell the proverbial roses.  Still love my country, but truly hate what it has become.


From around the Net:


ON A FINAL NOTE: Just for the record, I will block and report anybody, on any social network, who is openly promoting computer hacking. It is criminal activity, and I will not take any part in condoning it or allowing it to continue … Never thought Jaromir Jagr would still be lacing up the skates in 2013, let alone in the uniform of the Boston Bruins. The hometown team gave up prospects to get him, so let’s hope this old Slavic warrior makes it worth their sacrifice. Meanwhile, Jagr’s old stomping grounds now has Jerome Ignila, late of the Calgary Flames, who was apparently a lock to be coming to Boston before swerving everyone by announcing his signing with the Penguins. I’m very happy we no longer have to hear about the winning streaks of the Pens, as well as that of the Miami Heat in the NBA … Speaking of which, if the Boston Celtics make it into the playoffs and give their all once there, then I can be satisfied. Obviously, this team isn’t winning a championship … Cannot honestly say I did too well in my NCAA tournament brackets this season. Wouldn’t it be something if Wichita State wins it all? Might as well root for them … Thank you once again for reading, and may God Bless America!

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