The worst Attorney General of all-time: Another call for Eric Holder’s resignation

Eric Holder is likely the single worst Attorney General this nation has ever had. Just looking at the AG’s of recent times, Holder is much worse than John Ashcroft, who was considered one of the top boogeymen by the left-wing. Even worse than Alberto Gonzalez, who was quite the unethical slug himself. And Holder is even worse than Janet Reno, whose crimes are the stuff of legend. It takes a lot of work and effort to be more corrupt than the likes of Reno & Gonzalez, so I will never accuse Holder of being lazy. It’d be probably be better for all if Holder were, in fact, a lazy man, rather than the raging, hell-bent monster we are witness to. So, consider this blurb another official call for Eric Holder to resign as U.S. Attorney General, and for charges to be pressed against him – on numerous fronts, not the least of which being Fast and Furious.
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