Father’s Day in Communist America

It seems pretty clear to me Father’s Day is not held in nearly the same reverence that Mother’s Day is, even though fathers are every bit important as mothers. Seemingly every last greeting I’ve come across is delivered in a backhanded and cynical manner that would never be tolerated if these were mothers being honored. Basically it’s, ‘Happy Father’s Day, IF you were responsible and weren’t one of those deadbeats, blah blah blah.’ Imagine EVER seeing a Mother’s Day greeting from anyone along the same lines: ‘Oh, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, as long as they keep their kids fed and clean and they’re not collecting welfare, doing drugs and Lord knows what else.’ No, women automatically get the benefit of the doubt, whether they deserve it or not. And, most mothers do deserve praise, of course, but we simply refuse to consider otherwise, whereas even the best of fathers are looked upon with suspicion. Men are assumed to be dishonorable until proven otherwise, even when they’re ostensibly being honored. A woman has to be a seriously awful, abusive mother before anyone will even dare raise an eyebrow. This double standard is completely by design, deliberately meant to destroy the family unit, and it will only get worse the more Communist the country becomes. I truly and sincerely hate this pandering, condescending society. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, even if you’re not Superman.
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