12th grade vocab

A few nights ago, I became curious about which words were being used in 12th-grade vocabulary tests these days. So, I typed in a Google search, and came back with some results. Perhaps I’m just over-educated – although I really don’t think so – but many of these words I knew by the 6th-grade, at the very latest. Some examples:
A travesty, alright. Standards have plummeted. If these kids themselves aren’t physically ‘left behind,’ then their brains sure are. The American educational system needs a complete overhaul, and not because we should feel any need to keep up with the Japanese, Chinese, and the rest. No, we need to save our own damn souls, and it’s starts with educating the young properly. All capable parents need to pull their children out of the glorified prisons known as public schools. Notice, I said ‘capable’ parents, for the majority of adults in America really aren’t any brighter than their kids. Dumber, in some cases.
Homeschooling is the answer, but few parents are really qualified to teach. Private schools are solely for the children of the well-to-do – of which there will be fewer & fewer of as the years pass – and the Regime is working hard to shut down religious education (see Obama’s recent remarks in Berlin.) So, what does this mean for most of America’s young? It means they may have to do without formal education for, probably, a generation or two while this sordid mess is straightened out. While society itself is straightened out. And it will be, God will see to that. He always has done so throughout world history. Only the children of those with wisdom will be educated – the children of the selfish rich will get schooling, but not quite an ‘education’ – and the rest will be left to fate. It’s a terrifying prospect; yet, I have come to honestly believe even this is far preferable to the status quo of government indoctrination & degradation. No more taxpayer money for public education, let it crumble like it so deservedly should …
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