All anyone ever needs to know about the Westboro Baptist Church

It’s become laughable, in a not-so-funny way: Every time a major calamity happens, or a soldier is killed in action, or a celebrity dies, there are the kooky Phelps clan from Topeka, KS. Loudly proclaiming that GOD is unleashing His wrath, and all deserve to die – except them, of course – because of homosexuals & homosexuality. Never is a word mentioned about the many other abominations we are suffering as a society, it’s all about the homosexuals. They travel far & wide to picket funerals, shout at innocent people, and a make a spectacle of themselves. For years now, the rest of us have continually expressed our outrage over the disgusting tactics of these phony Christians. Particularly when they picket the funerals of fallen soldiers. Veterans, bikers, and others will band together at certain times to counter the WBC goons; yet, inexplicably, the goons are never touched! Somehow, not a single one of them is ever physically attacked. Somehow, the headquarters in Topeka have not been firebombed. Somehow, it is always essential & always stressed in the media that the WBC be given their First Amendment rights, even while the rights of peaceful & law-abiding Americans are being disregarded en masse. So, why is that the case? It’s the most obvious conspiracy theory of all-time, that is why. All one needs to do is a little research into the connections between Fred Phelps and the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. The WBC is a media/Democratic Party front: A bunch of goofy, over-the-top bigots that can easily be used to make all conservatives & Christians look bad. It’s working only too well. Does anyone seriously believe these people would still be allowed to breathe without some level of protection around them? The WBC will continue to receive media attention for however long they keep this ruse going. Decent people will continue to be repulsed, and rightfully so, but few will take the time or effort to put the pieces together, even though it’s absurdly easy to do. Which is exactly what the media, government, and the actors portraying the Westboro Baptist Church congregation are counting on. Those of us who see this b.s. for what it is, let’s do our part to expose it & put an end to it!
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11 thoughts on “All anyone ever needs to know about the Westboro Baptist Church

  1. Only one laughing at your dead soldiers etc is GOD> Pro 1:26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; Pro 1:27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Pro 1:28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

  2. And, funny, never did address the connection with Al Gore, or even begin to refute my point. Just completely out-of-context verses from Proverbs. Fuck you, you Christ-hating piece of shit!

  3. ''following in the footsteps of John Milton and John Stuart Mill, let all ideas circulate, because good ideas will drive out bad ideas, and the truth will prevail''. After listening to all the filthy foul mouth God hating bigoted americans for many years I say the WBCs ideas prevail. keep spewing your bigoted crap.

  4. How about you address the allegation I have put forth: You are working for the Democratic Party and their minions. You are undercover agents working to demonize Christians. You don't really care about homosexuality or any of that, this is all a game you are playing with the American people. How much more obvious can it be? Look, I don't like the homosexual agenda being forced upon us, but clowns like you are only making things worse. I have to believe that is by design. So, instead of name-calling, address the allegation, and then maybe I'll take you seriously.

  5. What other "proof" do you have, other than a decades-old photo of the Phelps posing with the Gores? I am no fan of the WBC, nor do I believe that they represent Christianity. They are a bunch of lawyers who not only twist scripture, but legislation, in order to protect themselves.Why is it so difficult to believe that there are just nasty people in this world? Fred Phelps is an abusive, didactic autocrat who has bullied his own children and grandchildren into spewing vitriol under the guise of "preaching." That's all it is. I am not aligned with any party, nor do I deify its leaders. You give the Democrats far too much credit in putting forth this idea that the WBC is some kind of conspiracy-cum-performance-art….that has been going on for years and years.Is it B.S.? Most definitely. Is it a front? Highly unlikely.

  6. I do not doubt for a second that Phelps is truly a nasty, evil brute of a man by his very nature. Maybe these weirdos really do believe what they're spewing. It's just seems all a bit too obvious. Again, if somebody higher up – not talking about GOD or anything supernatural – is not protecting these people, then how come they are still standing? Millions of Americans want to kill them, and would gladly do so, but nobody ever seems to have real access to them. Or they just don't dare to do anything because the press keeps hammering home this 'First Amendment' stuff about them, when they, the press, don't give a damn about freedom of speech in most other circumstances. Then we have the Gore connection, and it just smells like total s**t to me. And anyway this apple is sliced, these people are absolute circus clowns. Real human beings are not this cartoonish, buffoonish, and single-minded; usually not even in the worst of cases. Furthermore, NEVER underestimate the evil that is the modern-day Democratic Party, and all associated with it. The party is the vessel upon the entire globalist, anti-Christ agenda is centered on. It is the ultimate enabler of all the misery & pain in America today. I was thinking about this earlier: Every last ill in this society can be traced back to government meddling & corruption, one way or another. It may require some creative thinking, and stretches may be made, but it's the truth.

  7. Let's not forget, Mr. Phelps ran for office as a Democrat in Kansas on several occasions, and got a fair amount of votes each time. A scary amount, though he didn't earnestly go off the deep end until the last 15, 20 years or so.

  8. Plenty of insane people have ties to either party. Ted Bundy campaigned for the Republican party in Washington state. And (lest you think I'm being one-sided here) John Wayne Gacy was photographed with Roslyn Carter. I just think that's a slippery slope that you're on.That nobody has outright taken any one of the Phelps out is surprising, yes. The Phelps use the First Amendment to their advantage. They have a system in place for every picket they organize, from soup to nuts. They're batshit insane, but years of perfecting the art of drawing attention to themselves have made them very savvy. Interestingly enough, the one member who was instrumental in getting them up and running on social media (Megan Phelps-Roper) fled the WBC this past winter. I have interacted with Megan online, and have no reason to believe that she's anything but sincere about the profoundly messed up environment in which she was raised. And maybe that's naive of me, but in the same way you don't "underestimate the evil" of the current Democratic Party, I remain perpetually unsurprised by the evil that can, and does, erupt out of deeply dysfunctional families.Anyway. I'm always interested in what people have to say about the WBC, which of course is exactly what they want: attention and interest. I believe they're professional trolls, but I don't believe they're in cahoots with the Democrats. Thanks for letting me participate in your blog. Take care.

  9. Well, that is a very reasonable analysis you have provided, and you could very well be right. It's certainly true that each party has their crazies, and that evil is not always bred in the halls of Congress or the White House (or, at least not directly.) Thank you!

  10. The left/right, liberal/conservative, demlicans/republicrat paradigm is a distraction, misdirection technique, an illusion created by the criminal parasites in authority to keep the population in fighting through discord, race baiting and class discrimination – The WBC no longer cares anything about politics since over 20 years ago they had to do battle with Topeka's democratic public officials who refused to rid the public parks of homosexual activity performed in broad daylight in front of children – That was the first motivation of the Westboro church to hit the streets in protest, which has evolved into a nation wide endeavor to warn this nation – Every day the American citizenry is wearied with yet another news story about graft, corruption, lawlessness, perversion, incompetence and murder involving those in political and/or corporate, banking authority – Interesting though, with all the overwhelming problems plaguing America, the only issue that concerns either political party is to zealously push forward an agenda concerning the of passing legislation to irradiate sodomy laws and giving homosexuals special rights under the protection and force of law – American's should be getting on their knees, repenting, turning from their sin and Yahweh will rid this land and Government of the perverts, usurpers and war criminals in authority as Yahweh promised he would do in scripture – The commission of the WBC is to give you this message, which is repent, turn from your sin and obey the lord your God,… nothing more – Of course, most American's hate the the word of God, and love their sin – Hence, the reason why they hate the WBC, or anyone who preaches this message – Ignore the message, hate the messenger.

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