Sen. Ted Cruz: American hero, and hopefully our next president

2013-09-24_2224 Sen. Ted CruzForty-two-year-old United States Senator Ted Cruz, representing Texas, delivered what is bound to go down as a legendary performance in the Senate Chamber over the course of the past two days. Cruz took to the floor, and literally stayed on his feet for over 21 hours straight, never once losing his cool or his train of thought as he outlined why it’s vital the ‘Affordable Care Act’ – better known as Obamacare – must be repealed. He even read from the children’s classic ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ and quoted the cast members of TV’s Duck Dynasty! While other Senate Republicans are giving in to Obama, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Democrat establishment, Cruz and a select handful of others are stepping up to the plate in a major way, and in an inspiring manner that I personally have not seen in American politics since the days of President Ronald Reagan. In fact, we have now found the true successor to the Gipper’s legacy, and that is written without any hyperbole whatsoever.

The best part of Cruz’s long filibuster (that technically wasn’t a filibuster) may have came around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, as the Senator spoke of his Cuban immigrant father and the experiences that man faced upon arriving from his war-torn native land as a teenager. From washing dishes to eventually opening his own business, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz is the epitome of the American dream: A dream which is now becoming a nightmare for all Americans looking to better their lives, thanks in great part to socialist legislation such as the ‘Affordable Care Act.’

Most of my own ancestors came to this country literally centuries ago, long before Rafael Bienvenido Cruz. We’re talking Jamestown and the Mayflower here. Captain John Smith himself is a direct ancestor. Others – to the best of my limited knowledge – came over from the British Isles at later points with some coming to New England via Nova Scotia. There were also ancestors from Germany and Scandinavia. And that’s just my father’s side of the family. The other side is Irish, and all of them live in Ireland to this day (my mother’s mother was a very recent immigrant to the States upon giving birth, and later gave up my mother for adoption, long story short.) Listening to Ted Cruz speak, it had me thinking of my own ancestors through the centuries, regardless of where they came from, and the experiences they had. Those who founded Jamestown did so for economic freedom. The pilgrims on the Mayflower were here for religious freedom. Ted Cruz is living proof that we need to honor our ancestors and never stop fighting to preserve liberty in America, because there are always those with power and influence seeking to take our liberties away from their own gains. Big government always benefits those implementing it, as Cruz reminded us again & again during his filibuster. Look no further than John McCain, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and the phony outrage they displayed toward Ted Cruz for ‘wasting’ the body’s time, while they are preparing to eagerly enslave the American people in a massive, tyrannical, and unworkable health care scheme.

Cruz wasn’t the only one to distinguish himself and set himself apart as a champion for liberty. It would be remiss not to acknowledge the significant contribution of Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee to the proceedings. As Cruz continued into the wee hours of the morning, it was Mike Lee alone who stayed with him during that stretch, as even some of the noble Republicans went to sleep. Lee delieverd an inspiring performance in his own right during the many times he spoke, and the Beehive State ought to be proud. As for this writer’s home state, well let’s just say our Senators do not possess one one-millionth of the integrity, passion, and sense of right & wrong that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee do, but I digress.

Pat Roberts of Kansas, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and probably a couple others I’m overlooking all valiantly came to Ted Cruz’s aid. Even Marco Rubio – he who attempted to sell us out on amnesty for illegals – was passionate and well-spoken in his remarks. The rest of the Republicans were beyond useless. One thing that can undeniably be said in the favor of the Democrats is that they stick together. While just a small handful of Cruz’s GOP colleagues stood by him, he would have had his entire party there supporting him if he were a Dem. The past 48 hours have brought light to just how badly fractured and pathetically disorganized the GOP really is. The time for a third party – one that embodies the ideals of men & women like Ted Cruz, and those of the Tea Party movement – is not just here, it is long overdue. And I think it’s coming, as the GOP appears to be on the verge of an all-out civil war. Those 2014 mid-terms are going to be very telling as to the future of the Republican Party, and of the Republic itself.

In closing, whatever happens going forward with Obamacare and the possible temporary shutdown of the Federal Government that may be imminent, all those who still love liberty now have a true leader in Sen. Ted Cruz. We have a man who has proven that he has the energy & stamina ideal for a Commander-in-Chief. You try standing on your feet, without even so much as a bite to eat or a bathroom break, for literally 21-plus hours. I cannot even imagine it, and if I tried I know I would be in serious pain or worse. In a cynical time and a cynical world, we have a man we can believe in without any cynicism or second-guessing. Thank you, Ted Cruz: American hero and, I pray, the next President of the United States!

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(NOTE: As previously stated, Bay State Conservative News is on semi-hiatus while major housecleaning is being undertaken. The events of the past 48 hours on the Senate floor were too important, however, to be overlooked here.)

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