America: The dopiest nation on earth, literally

2013-11-12_0224 Doped-up AmericaAny wonder the American people are so dopey nowadays? It’s not so much illicit street drugs – though we do have the highest rate of illicit drug use in the world – but legally-prescribed pharmaceuticals that are the culprit. Particularly troubling is that more and more of our children are being prescribed medications for ‘behavioral problems,’ turning them into little zombies. Then we wonder why children in other nations – ones that don’t have this problem to anywhere near to the same extent – are outperforming American kids. An estimated 200,000 Americans per year die due to pharmaceutical drugs, more than the number that are killed in traffic accidents. Nobody really seems to care, though, just as long as they can get their prescriptions filled and as long they get their fix. Meanwhile, use and possession of marijuana – a natural substance that has never been known to kill anyone – is still illegal in most places. Anybody else see what what’s wrong with this picture?

End of the American Dream – Eighteen crazy facts which show that no nation on earth is more doped up on prescription drugs than America is

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