Obama: A Communist? A Nazi? Or just plain evil?

2013-12-08_2132 National SocialismWhen it comes to Obama and his political ideology, I have always considered the man to be a unholy blend of Communist and Fascist, both left-wing systems that are socialist and collectivist at their core. Add to that terrible mix an affinity for radical Islam, and now we’re talking about one very evil, dangerous individual. An author/talk host is making the case that Obama is actually more akin to Hitler and the Nazis than to the Soviets or Mao. At this late date, it almost seems pointless to try to gauge where exactly Obama stands on the political spectrum: He is pure evil, he seeks total control, and that’s pretty much the short and the long of it. Still, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, as cliched as that sounds. Right now, America is undoubtedly doomed.

World Net Daily – Shock claim: Obama worse than a Communist

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