Mass. father says he will stage sit-in over chronic Obamacare malfunctions

2014-02-12_1217 Massachusetts Health ConnectorSo far, Obamacare is an even greater disaster than could ever have been predicted. One Massachusetts resident, whose family has found themselves uninsured as a result of this nonsense, had had enough and is taking matters into his own hands:

As fed up Beacon Hill lawmakers plan to grill Health Connector officials on the state’s botched Obamacare website today, one frustrated Southboro man — who claims his family is now uninsured even though his payment for February was cashed — said he’s ready to launch a one-man sit-in at the Health Connector’s Boston office until he gets answers.

“If I can’t get any further on the phone tomorrow (today), I may just march down there and refuse to leave until they give it to me,” said Dan Ginsburg. “I’m actually serious. I consider it a serious issue that my family doesn’t have insurance. I have a small 16-month-old child. It puts us at risk of financial problems.”

State lawmakers say they’ve heard of dozens of cases just like Ginsburg’s, where customers’ checks have been cashed but they’ve never received confirmation of insurance.

Yet more compelling evidence that the so-called ‘Affordable Care Act’ must be repealed by Congress as soon as possible. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, though. Not with the gutless cowards that pollute Capitol Hill currently.

Boston Herald – Dad threatens sit-in at Health Connector office as snafus rise

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