Morning Headlines, Mon. Mar. 31, 2014

2014-03-31_0624 RainBeen inundated with rain here in New England the past 24 hours or so. Still cold, but it’s not Arctic cold, and at least it’s not snow. An improvement, I suppose. Anyway, here is this morning’s reading material:

Gun Owners of America – Anyone who doesn’t believe so must also believe in the Easter Bunny, that human beings are inherently good, and any number of other fairy tales/myths: In survey, 98% of firearms owners believe ATF is illegally compiling a registration list

CBS Seattle – Happens quite frequently in Mass. to drivers with plates from states where gun control is not as strict. Land of the free, my ass: Thug Idaho cop pulls over, detains innocent 70-year-old man on suspicion of marijuana possession solely because of Colorado license plate

Rush Limbaugh show transcript – What to do about Al Gore’s movie in the schools?

John Hinderaker – Why the alarmists’ climate models are worthless

Fox News – Eye-roller of the day: GOP donors reportedly working to draft Jeb Bush for 2016 presidential run

Reuters – Why don’t we have a party like this in America? ‘Far-right’ National Front party wins several cities & towns in local French elections

AP – London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death

The Telegraph – But who decides what constitutes ‘emotional cruelty?’ A law ripe for, well, abuse: British parents now face up to 10 years in prison for deliberately starving their children of ‘love’

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