At $174,000 per year, are members of Congress underpaid? Rep. Jim Moran says ‘yes’

2014-04-04_1521 Jim MoranIt seems as though the longer Mr. Obama has sat in the White House, the more bold & brash Democrats and liberal/establishment Republicans have become in their various public statements. Which is to say, any pretense of working for the American people – as opposed to the other way around – is rapidly disappearing, being replaced by a blatant, in-your-face kleptocracy. And retiring Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia wants to give his colleagues more of our money, claiming that they are underpaid and can barely afford to get by in Washington D.C. Considering everybody reading this is already laughing hysterically at such a notion, what more need be added?

Washington Times – Members of Congress are underpaid, can’t live ‘decently’ in D.C., says Moran

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