Afternoon Headlines, Fri. Apr. 11, 2014

2014-04-11_1552 Cliven Bundy Ranch‘The prince that lacketh understanding is also a great oppressor, but he that hateth covetousness shall prolong his days’Proverbs 28:16. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone fighting the Feds at the Cliven Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

Daily Mail – Tyranny straight out of Hell, but a few brave Americans are fighting back: Armed private militias join battle at privately owned Bundy Ranch, ostensibly to protect an endangered tortoise. Feds shooting at pregnant women, cancer survivor

Infowars – Harry Reid, Chinese energy firm behind BLM land grab of Bundy Ranch, protecting an endangered desert tortoise just a pretense; Mainstream media goons look the other way

The Right Scoop – Obama nominates Sylvia ‘government shutdown’ Burwell for HHS Secretary to replace the departing Kathleen Sebelius

The Hill – ‘The most partisan attorney general this country has ever had.’ Sen. Ted Cruz calls for the impeachment of Eric Holder over DOJ failure to investigate IRS scandal

CNS News – On Senate floor, Sen. Jeff Sessions encourages Americans to fight back against ‘deliberate plan by the President of the United States’ to collapse law enforcement system

AP – Jeb Bush doubles down on pleading with fellow Republicans to embrace amnesty agenda, calling illegal immigration an ‘act of love’ by those trying to provide for their families during Connecticut GOP fundraiser

Gateway Pundit – Nancy Pelosi accuses Republicans of opposing so-called ‘immigration reform’ for racial reasons, claiming they’ve told Irish immigrants ‘if it were just you this would be easy’

Fox News – No ice cream for you! Common Core testing rolled out in New York state: Schools bullying, bribing students to comply

Western Journalism – Actress Lena Dunham reveals it was ‘a huge disappointment’ to learn that she is heterosexual, praises her sister for being a lesbian

Fox News – The world just keeps getting stranger and stranger: Doctors successfully implant lab-grown vaginas into four women

Fox Business – In deal with labor unions, French tech workers no longer allowed to be contacted by their employers after 6 p.m., while Swedish town experiments with six-hour workday

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