Evening Headlines, Wed. Apr. 16, 2014

2014-04-16_2050 UConn riot‘Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God’Benjamin Franklin

CNS News – U.S. electricity prices surged to all-time record for March

Fox News – Be paranoid, for they are out to get us: Uncovered IRS e-mails show Lois Lerner talked with DOJ about pursuing ‘political’ groups

Jerry McConnell – How much more anti-Americanism can Harry Reid exhibit in public?

J.D. Tuccille – As the nation goes broke, expect the return of debtors’ prisons in the not-too-distant future. A chilling prelude to that inevitability: Uncle Sam revives feudal practice to collect from children of debtors

Dr. Gina Loudon – MUST READ! ‘Mob mentality plus lack of religion is perfect recipe for tyranny:’ Why the left loves a violent riot

The Dryer Report – A good explanation as to why liberals constantly pull the race card on their opponents: Arrested development

Downtrend – Long Island school suspends two students for bringing Confederate flag to handball tournament

Breitbart – Gallup poll: 61% of public school parents know ‘little’ or ‘nothing’ about Common Core education standards

The Telegraph – Never been there, but couldn’t possibly be true. Or if it is, it’s because of all the Muslims living there: UN ‘human rights observer’ deems Britain the world’s most sexist nation, calls for mandatory ‘sexism training’ schools

Breitbart London – The end of cigarette production in the United Kingdom: Huge job losses as anti-smoking campaigns take their toll on local community

NewsBusters – Nutritionist goes after Bubba Watson for celebrating Masters win at Waffle House

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