The new face of evil in the world: Afternoon Headlines, Wed. May 21, 2014

2014-05-21_1431 Pope FrancisNow The End Begins – The arrival of the true False Prophet? Pope Francis outright states that one cannot be Christian unless they belong to the Roman Catholic Church, also says space aliens will be baptized ‘when’ they arrive

Paul Begley (VIDEO) – Servant of Satan: Pope Francis backs Palestine, offends Israel

CBN News (VIDEO) – Miracle nation: Israelis use technology to make the desert bloom

CBN News (VIDEO) – Does India’s new government equal greater Christian persecution?

LifeNews – Forced abortions a reality in America: Second teen girl almost forced to get abortion after another teen held at Buffalo clinic against her will

Bryan Fischer – Yes, the death panels are real: Obamacare will eventually become the disgrace that is the Veterans Administration, only on steroids

Sylvia Thompson – Black homosexual athletes being used as pawns to emasculate all black men: Perversion is revolting to those who are not perverse

Breitbart – Traitor Rahm Emanuel announces that Chicago city jobs & internships will be available to ‘Dream Act’ students in the country illegally

PolicyMic – Class of 2014: The most indebted class ever

Reuters – The collapse of Western civilization: U.S. children read, but not well or often

Fox News – Arizona high school dedicates yearbook pages to pregnant students

Pat Buchanan – Brown vs. Board of Education: A legendary failure of liberalism

Breitbart – Our black nationalist attorney general, Eric Holder: Those opposed to Obama’s transformation of America are guilty of ‘quiet prejudice’

AP – U.S. hacking victims fell prey to mundane ruses by the Red Chinese

AP – Petco to stop selling poisonous pet treats made in China

Michael Snyder – A nation that has given up: What happens when teachers, delivery people, and fast food workers don’t care anymore?

Duane Lester – You’ve been warned, conservatives & Republicans, and by the man himself: Jeb Bush says he would govern in the manner of socialist thug LBJ

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