Death of a nation by a thousand cuts: Afternoon Headlines, Thu. May 22, 2014

2014-04-28_1716 Alinsky quoteSher Zieve – Intentional collapse of America. Do you stupid sheep out there get that, they are destroying the U.S. ON PURPOSE!? Obama syndicate assaulting America from every angle

Dr. Susan Berry – New technology development pushed by Feds allow for data collection on EVERY child in America

Howie Carr – Somerville, MA, becomes a sanctuary city, with its mayor demanding ‘we stop villianizing’ illegals: While we’re at it, let’s stop ‘villianizing’ robbers

AP – Democrats in Mass. Senate vote down GOP proposal for extremely modest cuts in sales tax, income tax

Reuters – Latest ‘official’ economic data: Home sales up, but so are jobless claims

The Economic Collapse – Twenty-seven huge red flags for the U.S. economy

Fox News (VIDEO) – House committee approves bill to end door-to-door mail service for millions

CNS News – Gas price record worsens: 1,245 days above $3 a gallon

ITN (VIDEO) – Russian and Chinese troops conducting joint exercises in the East China Sea immediately after $400 billion gas deal is signed between the two nations

AP – Major war brewing in the Orient? Koreas exchange fire near disputed sea boundary

CNN – Military coup in Thailand, the 12th in the nation since its independence in 1932

International Christian Concern – Sharia Law installed in Brunei, putting an estimated 40,000 Christians at grave risk

Paul Begley (VIDEO) – Divine intervention? Health concerns may affect Pope Francis’ tour to Israel

LifeNews – New York state bill would allow abortionists to murder unborn babies with poisonous shot to the heart; would permit third-trimester abortions for any reason, non-doctors to perform them

ESPN – These little cry-babies are resilient, and they’re probably going to get their way: Fifty Democratic U.S. Senators sign letter pressuring the Washington Redskins to change their name

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