Random, scattered thoughts on what Memorial Day means in a dying, degraded America

2014-05-26_0122 Memorial Day 2014Memorial Day, 2014. How would all those brave souls who died serving this nation have felt if they knew that America would eventually turn its back on liberty, and on the veterans themselves? If they knew that bread & circuses (entertainment) was to become the central focus of most citizens’ lives? If they knew terrorists would receive better medical care than the soldiers of today do? We won’t even get into what they would have thought of Obama and the rest of our ‘leaders’ in Washington D.C. But would they have been so determined to fight if they knew how lazy, ignorant, & ungrateful most ordinary Americans would become?

I’m not even putting myself above anything – I have lived a disgusting, useless life that is completely unworthy of the sacrifices that were made for all of us. At least I’m self-aware, which is more than can be said for most Americans; but that self-awareness came relatively late, well after my school years were over and just as my health started going downhill. Even though it’d mean giving up modern comforts & such, I would be grateful to go back in time and contribute in some way to the building of this nation, as opposed to being stuck in an age where the nation is being torn down. At least I would have some self-respect and a sense of real achievement. All I have in life now is severe, deep depression and a lot of regret. Zero true friends (acquaintances, sure I have those, and there’s a few who consider themselves a ‘friend’ to me though I beg to differ at this point.) The World War II generation looked out for each other, and stayed true to one another long after the fighting had stopped. Just look at how big fraternal organizations were among that generation, and now those organizations (Knights of Columbus, for example) are literally fading away. People have changed, and not for the better. We’ve become collectivist just like the enemy Nazis were, and yet also more selfish and self-centered. Sick times we live in, just plain sick.

Anyway, on this Memorial Day, I’ll do my part by apologizing to all veterans – living or dead – for not being worthy of their sacrifices. And most of the rest of America should be doing the same, beginning with the president, members of Congress, et al.

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