Morning Headlines, Thu. Jun. 5, 2014

2014-06-04_1713 Bowe BergdahlFox News – Bergdahl walked off base voluntarily before capture by the Taliban, according to soldiers

Washington Post – Afghan villagers attest to Bergdahl actively seeking out the Taliban

Breitbart – Obama must be impeached after this debacle. The Taliban gets back five of its most dangerous leaders, rendering them stronger. America gets nothing except an apparent traitor & convert to radical Islam: Bergdahl expressed desire to renounce his American citizenship

Reuters – Bergdahl’s Idaho hometown cancels homecoming celebration

Western Journalism (VIDEO) – Obama forming ‘Hitler Youth’ under Common Core education standards

E.T. Williams (VIDEO) – Illegal immigrants given taxi rides from the Mexican border

Breitbart – With traitors like this, who needs the Democrats? Top Republican leader Eric Cantor: Amnesty under the DREAM Act is ‘Biblical’ in principle

Washington Times – The ‘absolute’ opposite of a Founding Father: Sen. Chuck Schumer gets confused over the authorship of the Bill of Rights during ‘campaign finance reform’ diatribe, stresses that the First Amendment ‘cannot be absolute’

CNN – Fifty-nine percent of respondents say the ‘American Dream’ is dead

CBS Philly – Son of notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell shot while committing armed robbery

New York Times (VIDEO) – China’s authoritarian government chafes at Christianity’s growth

Paul Begley (VIDEO) – Euphrates River drying up at the direction of the Turkish government, demons loose

AP – Syrian strongman Assad ‘re-elected’ with a rather unbelievable 88.7% of the vote in his war-torn country

Reuters (VIDEO) – Russia bans smoking in restaurants & bars, despite opposition

AP (VIDEO) – Color film changes view of World War II

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