One day closer to oblivion: Wrap-up of headlines from the weekend, Sun. Jun. 8, 2014

Pope Francis kowtows to the Religion of Satan. (Photo: Asia News)
Pope Francis kowtows to the Religion of Satan. (Photo: Asia News)

Al Arabiya – Yes, this Pope is a obvious deceiver, for anyone with eyes to see: Islamic prayers held at the Vatican for the first time ever

Daily Caller – Fool: John Kerry, speaking from ‘ritzy French chateau,’ mocks report of freed Taliban leader’s vow to rejoin the fight against America, calling it ‘a lot of baloney’ – Mandatory mental health screenings for all Americans just around the corner; meanwhile, we’re being led by a certifiable lunatic: Psychologist concerned about Obama’s mental stability, says he may not be sane

Leon Puissegur – He hates you and I, and has made such perfectly clear. Most dumbass Americans just are not listening, and the media isn’t reporting. Actual Obama quote from EU speech: ‘Order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign’

Scripps Media – Illegals bringing scabies and other deadly viruses into the United States, infecting Border Patrol agents

World Net Daily – Media blackout on the ridiculous Chicago PD strategy of providing escorts (!) for mobs of racist black rioters

CBS News – 93 year-old World War II paratrooper marks 70th anniversary of D-Day with encore jump

AP – California Chrome’s Triple Crown bid ruined, as Tonalist soars to victory in the Belmont Stakes

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