Justice at last for Justina Pelletier and her family

2014-06-17_2205 Pelletier familyPraise God, Justina is free. But this travesty of justice is no going to be forgotten anytime soon. Remember, all you leftist hacks who heaped scorn & hatred upon this innocent girl & her family, there is a Higher Power that you will answer to someday. The Pelletier family needs to sue the pants off of Boston Children’s Hospital, the Massachusetts DCF, Gov. Patrick, and everyone else involved, and I predict that is what will come to pass.

Fox News – Judge orders Connecticut girl to be returned to family

More Recent Headlines:

The Sun Chronicle – Pro-gun control, pro-abortion, desires to raise the minimum wage, and a believer in the myth of global warming: This is what a ‘New England Republican’ looks like, and this is Charlie Baker

Business Insider – First, Majority Leader Cantor is defeated in his primary. Now, Sarah Palin says she may bolt the GOP over its spinelessness on enforcing border security, conditions at holding facility; also slams Obama’s treasonous manipulation of the situation

Legal Insurrection – Pranksters start #EndFathersDay hashtag on Twitter in order to make feminists look bad; feminists take the bait, further confirming there is no limit to their hate

ESPN – How the so-called ‘beautiful game’ of soccer aided and abetted a genocidal Fascist regime at Argentina’s 1978 World Cup

ESPN – A huge loss: Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies of cancer at age 54

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