If conservatives can’t win in 2014

2014-07-08_1443 GOP training campThe left and their Dear Leader are out of control at the moment, and they are in serious need of an attitude adjustment. What I wouldn’t give to see them go down in a historic rout this November. Alas, it’s likely not to happen that way, as the utterly inept & badly divided GOP will find some way to screw things up. Once that happens, I hope every last person on our side finally abandons the ‘lesser of two evils’ mindset forever, because in practice it has been nothing but a disaster. If the GOP won’t represent us, then it’s time to turn elsewhere, damn the consequences. If conservatives can’t win at the ballot box in 2014, then it’s not only time to leave the GOP behind, it’ll finally be time to realize that the ballot box – the whole political system – has failed us altogether and it’s time for alternative measures.

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