More thoughts on the pending closing of Suffolk Downs, and just how unnecessary it is

Rending of the future Wynn casino in Everett, MA
Rending of the future Wynn casino in Everett, MA

The really sad thing about Suffolk Downs is they could have let the place have some slot machines and maybe a few poker tables, and they probably would have been just fine. We didn’t need a full-blown casino around here, just some leniency in allowing venues such as Suffolk Downs to actually bring in revenue. Instead, we’re getting Las Vegas on the Mystic River, and thoroughbred horse racing has died in New England. It’s so illogical and stupid: We had an existing location that offered an existing product, and had the backing of Mohegan Sun to upgrade their facility in order to provide more services to their customers. It could have worked, it should have worked. Now we’re taking a gamble, pardon the pun, on the complete unknown with Steve Wynn’s ambitious plans in Everett. And nobody ever thought of the horses, or the multitude of livelihoods about to be lost. Didn’t anybody think of the old men – those who served this nation for decades – whose only real joy in their twilight years is going to the track to play the horses? Ten years from now, it’s highly possible the Wynn casino will prove to be a disaster, and hopefully those responsible will look back and say, ‘there was a better and more sensible way.’

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