A call to arms – Standing against the mobs in defense of Israel and the Jews

A pro-Israel rally in Chicago, November 2013
A pro-Israel rally in Chicago, November 2013

Anti-Semitism is thriving in the world – very much including the U.S. under Obama’s evil regime – and all over the planet the wagons are being circled around Israel. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that all of us who support the Jewish people and their homeland stand strong against the hate, the conspiracy theories, the misguided concern for the Palestinians fueled by gross misinformation, and the racial filth that the vast majority of the world’s people are engrossed in.

All throughout history, the masses have consistently turned on the Jews for one reason or another, but in earnest because the ignorant masses never to fail give their hearts and minds to Satan, the destroyer of all that is holy and righteous. Yet, the Jews have not gone extinct in this world, and in 1948 they fulfilled prophecy by re-establishing their homeland – the greatest miracle of the twentieth century. The world wishes to take that all away, but we as individuals do not have to give our sanction to the hate, now do we? Mob mentality, or going along to get along, is for mental midgets and those without any ethics or morals. And those without courage and bravery. But you, dear reader, are hopefully not stupid, not bereft of morals, and not without valor! We’re not yet at the point (in America, at least) that those brave German Christians and gentiles who secretly helped the Jews under the Nazi regime were at. But, it’s coming, and it’s taking shape worldwide. Soon, it will require great bravery to do the right thing, as it did in Nazi Germany and every other society where Jews have been oppressed. Be on the right side of history, be on the right side of the Lord, and stand with Israel and the Jewish people at this critical time in world history!

AFPNetanayahu warns of ‘grave mistake’ if French parliament votes to recognize the Palestinian state

ReutersNegotiations between the U.S., other world powers, and Iran likely to be extended (never mind whatever lip service is being given, this is all about legitimatizing the Islamic terrorist regime in Tehran, and putting a nuclear gun right to Israel’s head. All with the blessings of Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Putin, Mrs. Merkel, and the Red Chinese.)

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