Damning the ‘millennials,’ the most tasteless and selfish generation in modern history

2014-11-24_1431 Budweiser CyldesdalesDisgusting: Budweiser will no longer use the iconic Clydesdales in holiday advertising, and will now focus on the ‘millennials.’ Apparently the ‘millennial’ generation doesn’t like horses very much. What a damn shame: Those Bud holiday ads with the horses were perfect, exactly what a television ad should be but all too rarely ever is. And now they’re gone forever, a victim of a stunning generational shift.

The more I see and hear from today’s young people, the more I’m convinced their tastes in just about everything are pitifully bad – and it is their tastes that ad agencies, politicians, and much of society as a whole are now catering to. The rest of us have been deemed too old and ‘unhip’ to have much influence on the culture anymore. The thinking of this generation – to the extent they do think – is completely wrong in practically every single way, a product of the mass brainwashing they received from the omnipresent radicals of the older generations. They appear to demand ‘change’ just for the sake of ‘change,’ and they’re consistently fixing those things which weren’t really broke or ever needed fixing. They appear very eager to re-write and re-define our past in order to suit their globalist, pseudo-Marxist worldview. They are personally selfish and value material comfort and group-think over liberty and character. And, seemingly paradoxically to their personal selfishness, they are very collectivist in mindset, and are overly concerned with group rights than those of the individual (unless that individual is them.) They appear to have zero regard for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and for our Founding Fathers. Christianity is treated as a joke and a relic that must be erased from history.

Yes, there are exceptions; there are always exceptions in every group and every circumstance, and some fine leaders may yet emerge from among them. Far more likely, though, that the world is going to be a much darker place that it already is when these ‘millennials’ take over the reigns of power. And it appears they already are getting started on doing just that. At 36, I’m toward the tail end of the generation now moving into middle-age, so I suppose I’m not all that far removed from the ‘millennials;’ except I apparently am because I do not understand this generation of people at all. Something drastic changed between my generation (‘Gen X,’ or whatever we’re called now) and this one – the differences between those born before roughly 1980 and those afterward are stark, albeit often in ways that may not be easy to put one’s finger on. In closing, I think I simply hate this ‘millennial’ generation, yes I do. They don’t even like horses, how inhumane and selfish is that!?

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