That Hamilton Woman (1941)

There simply never has been a greater film made. Ask Churchill, he reportedly viewed it eighty-three times. Vivian Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier give performances right out of Heaven, which is only fitting considering who they were portraying: Admiral Lord Nelson and Emma, Lady Hamilton literally changed Europe, and protected the world’s greatest empire from the anti-Christ of the day, Napoleon. They were the most famous and celebrated Britons of the era. Their incredible devotion to each other – so brilliantly portrayed here – is simply inconceivable to the average, dehumanized rube dominating and polluting this dying world of the 21st Century. Yet, they were the subject of ‘scandal,’ condemned by the ungrateful and feeble-minded too small to realize they owed all they had to the protection Lord Nelson provided, and to the woman who inspired him and, yes, protected him in return. They achieved the highest glory possible on earth, but also suffered horrible, horrible indignities. Praise God they existed, and in Heaven they shine brighter and radiate even more honor and glory than in life. Vivian Leigh – immortal goddess of the screen – and the incomparable Sir Olivier quite literally became them in this work of art that is superior to all. And to think of the entertainment people indulge in today! So many fools, overlooking that which can restore their lives and inspire them to return to the Lord, if only they took the time to know and care.

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